Clayton Stockstill

#82 Solo 13

Name: Clayton “Capt. Chaos” Stockstill
DOB: May 31, 2005
Place of birth: Annapolis, Maryland
Height: 48″
Residence: Millersville, Maryland

Current bikes: 2013 KTM SX50, 2013 KTM SX65
Racing series: Mid-Atlantic Motocross Association (MAMA)
Bio: Clayton started riding at age 3 & started racing age 5. Interests are still his BMX bike, he loves his slot cars, RC cars, XBOX and watching Sponge Bob!
Extras: 50 Oil 4-8B 1st Place 2012 CHAMPION / MAMA Series, 2nd Place 2011 Arenacross, 2nd Place Indoor Flat Track Timonium Fairgrounds

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